Tracy Adventist Church


1 Peter 1:24

The Scriptures say, "Our lives are like the grass of spring, and any glory we enjoy is like the beauty of a wildflower. The grass dries up and dies, and the flower falls to the ground."

What is God saying?

Our lives on this earth are temporary. While we might be able to obtain success in life, we will only be able to enjoy it for a season. 

What is God saying to us today?

We can easily become focused on things that don't ultimately matter, and we know this on a fundamental level. Even non-religious people understand that on our deathbed we won't wish we had spent more time at work, but with our loved ones.  Yet, we can become consumed by our culture that says we need to look as beautiful as possible, be as rich as possible, and have as much power as possible; all of which is fleeting.  And while we might have our guard up against the major problems of vanity or greed,  we can get caught up with a variety of shallow delights - wearing the latest designer clothes, knowing the stats of our favorite sports team, keeping up with the latest pop culture phenomenon, having the latest technological gadget. These things are fun and entertaining, but ultimately they don't last either.

What is God inviting us to do?

Instead of wasting our limited time on things that don't have any permanent significance, we should use the time we have focusing on things that will last. What are some things that we can do today that will continue to be a benefit to others after our success, beauty, and lives have gone? God invites us to build a relationship with Him, so He can help us make the most of the time that we have. 


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