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With the economic impact of this pandemic putting people and businesses at risk, governments around the world are providing funds for those in need. The U.S. government made two trillion dollars available to help with the financial crisis, which was to distributed to large businesses, small businesses, and individuals. It has become clear that even that large of sum was not enough of a bailout – especially with regard to the small business allotment.


Initially the government earmarked $349 billion for small businesses (those with less than 500 employees). But after just a couple of weeks the funds were depleted even though there were still numerous small businesses in dire need of assistance. It then came to light that somehow several well-known national corporations had been able to obtain several million dollars from this small business fund, some of which have now returned the money. Just a few days ago the government approved an additional $320 billion much to the relief of many small businesses who were unable to get funds the first time. But, we do not know if there will be more companies trying to cheat the system or if there will be more funds available in the future if needed. There are still many uncertainties with this bailout.


Thankfully, God has provided a bailout too. While this Divine bailout doesn’t help us make payroll or cover our rent, it does something even better: it provides us with forgiveness of our sins. Because of grace, we are set free from our debt to guilt and to death – and we never have to worry about anyone misappropriating it or having it run out. God’s grace is unlimited available to anyone and everyone who simply asks. “But if we confess our sins to God, he can always be trusted to forgive us and take our sins away” (1 John 1:9). May we find comfort knowing that forgiveness and grace is just a prayer away!

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