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For three months, COVID-19 has dominated the news. Every news channel, every news website, every news broadcast was filled with information about the virus directly or various research, opinions, debates, etc. related to the virus. But, it seems that in the past day or so other news items are starting to take the headlines away from this pandemic.

While the news is obviously still chock-full of COVID-19 coverage, the leading stories from many news outlets are about different topics. There are stories about dams breaking in Michigan, resulting in horrific flooding. There are headlines about celebrities pleading guilty in a college admission scandal. There are reports of increased tensions between China and Hong Kong. It seems that little by little we are shifting our focus onto other subjects, as we grow accustomed to life with this coronavirus.

As Christians, God calls us to not lose focus on what truly matters: having a loving relationship with Him. Yes, there are other important things we need to tend to in life such as our families, our work, etc., but God should always be the main story. While we might love other things in life, cannot afford to get distracted and lose our first love for God. God reminds of this truth, “Yet there is one thing wrong; you don’t love me as at first! Think about those times of your first love (how different now!) and turn back to me again and work as you did before” (Revelation 2:4-5). May we continue to stay focused on God no matter what happens and love Him first and foremost!

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