Tracy Adventist Church


Jeremiah 32:17

"Oh, Lord God, you made the skies and the earth your very great power. There is nothing too hard for you to do." (NCV)

What is God saying?

Creation is the proof that God has the power to do anything. 

What is God saying to us today?

The Bible is clear that God has the power to do anything and everything; He is omnipotent. And that truth should bring us comfort, that we follow a God who isn't just in charge of the rain, or the sun, or the WiFi, but has the power to control it all. But, because His followers understand this, the bigger question isn't so much "can God do XYZ?" but "will God do XYZ?" We know God can cure the cancer, but will He? This type of question is much more difficult for us to wrap our minds around, because there is no easy answer as to why sometimes God does use His power and sometimes He doesn't. But, every being with free-will experiences this to a degree. It's like saying "I can eat nothing but chocolate cake for a week, but will I?" We all voluntarily choose to limit our own power - usually because we know what is ultimately good for us and act accordingly. We simply need to trust that God has our ultimate good in mind too.

What is God inviting us to do?

Are you carrying around some anger and resentment toward God because He didn't use His power to act like you wish He would have? God invites us to let go of that grudge we might be carrying and instead have faith that He is using His very great power for our ultimate and eternal good!

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