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Only Temporary



In California, people about four weeks into mandatory stay-at-home orders. It seems that the novelty and the anxiety of the first few weeks has worn off for many people and they are starting to have cabin fever. People, especially children, are yearning to escape the confinements of their homes and have the freedom they used to have just a month or two ago. While it appears that this internment will last for a few more weeks at least, thankfully it will not last forever.

Two-thousand years ago, after His death on the cross, Jesus was laid in a tomb. The opening to the tomb was covered by a stone and sealed, because that was supposed to be the end of His story. Christ’s internment in the grave was expected to be permanent - but it wasn’t! After three days, the Father beckoned the Son to live again, and the tomb could no longer confine the risen Savior.

Today, Easter Sunday, we Christians celebrate Christ’s resurrection. We remember the agony He experienced in Gethsemane. We contemplate the sacrifice He made on cross. And we find joy in His escape from the grave, because that means if He did it so can we! This is the encouragement we find from Paul: “We believe that Jesus died and that he rose again. So, because of him, God will raise with Jesus those who have died” (1 Thessalonians 4:14). May we find comfort knowing that our current confinement at home in only temporary, and because of Jesus’ resurrection, our confinement in the grave will not be permanent either!

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