Tracy Adventist Church


Philippians 4:6

"Don't worry about anything, but pray about everything. With thankful hearts offer up your prayers and requests to God." (CEV)

What is God saying?

As His followers, we don't need to worry. Instead, we should turn everything over to Him in prayer. And as we pray and ask Him to take care of the things we are worrying about, we can be thankful that He is a God who hears us and is involved in our lives.

What is God saying to us today?

It seems as if every time we look at the news there is another reason for us to worry - the economy, mass shootings, the threat of nuclear war. Many of us also have plenty to worry about with things closer to home - our health, our bills, the well-being of our friends and family. Because of sin, we live in a world of worry - but we don't need to. God, the Creator and Sustainer of the world is watching over us and He promises to carry our burdens for us! This is easier said than done though, especially because we know as Christians that sometimes our worries do come true. The divorce papers come. The devastating car accident happens. The stock market wipes out our retirement savings. So how can we not worry. much less be thankful? The key is prayer. When we open up our hearts to God through prayer, we grow deeper in our relationship with Him and we gain a better understanding of the big picture that He is looking at. This helps us to remain thankful for two main reasons. First, we have faith that God can bring something good out of even the worst circumstances in this life. Second, we know that even if every one of our worst fears came true, it would all be just be a blip on the radar when compared to eternity. 

What is God calling us to do?

Are you tired of being dragged down by anxiety and fear? God invites us to give all of our worries to Him, to focus on Him and His power instead of our own weaknesses, because He promises to use His power and grace to get us through this life and into eternity!

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