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As the Federal government deferred the implementation of pandemic shutdown protocols to the States, our nation’s response to the novel coronavirus has been almost as varied as its diverse population. Some states have been locked down since the beginning, other states were barely locked down at all. Some counties were ahead of their governor’s orders, others lagged behind. Some people were quick to take all of the safety precautions possible, others have refused to do any of them. It was clearly a patchwork approach to the shutdown.

Now as the number of cases and deaths have seemingly plateaued, our nation is tying to figure out the best way to reopen. Again, the Federal government is deferring to the States; one expert recently testified to Congress that there is no Federal strategy at all. While most states are reopening in phases, each state seemingly has different businesses in different phases with different requirements. It is clear that the reopening plan is as haphazard as the shutdown was.

We can be thankful that God’s plan to deal with the sin pandemic is infinitely better than our plan to deal with COVID-19. He had a plan in place before the foundation of the world (1 Peter 1:17-21). He explained through the Old Testament rituals (Leviticus 4:27-31). And He followed through with it on Calvary (Romans 5:8). While we might doubt our earthly leaders’ ability to guide us through difficulty, we can have full confidence that God knows what He’s doing. As Jesus said, “I tell you for certain that everyone who hears my message and has faith in the one who sent me has eternal life and will never be condemned. They have already gone from death to life” (John 5:24). May we find peace as we place our faith in God’s perfect plan!

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