Tracy Adventist Church


Psalms 33:18

"But the Lord looks after those who fear him, those who put their hope in his love." (NCV)

What is God saying?

When we put our faith in the fact that God loves us, He will prove it by taking care of us.

What is God saying to us today?

In the Bible, we frequently find verses that talk about fearing God. While many pastors and theologians explain this idea of fear as being related to the concept of respect. This is true as there is usually at least a slight element of fear in respect; we respect people that are powerful, and that power can be frightening. But, here we find another aspect of fear/respect: love (specifically God's enduring love). God makes the connection here that when we fear Him (or respect Him), we respond by placing our hope in His love for us. God honors our hope/faith by watching over us.

What is God inviting us to do?

When was the last time you were amazed by God's power? Once we recognize how powerful He truly is, He invites us to respond by placing our hope in His love. What better place to put our trust than in the knowledge that the most powerful being in the universe loves us and will be taking care of us!

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