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One of the primary precautions people are taking during this pandemic is keeping six feet away from others. While there are some that disregard this expectation, it is interesting to see the distance between people standing in lines at grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. And when items need to be exchanged, a credit card for a box of takeout for example, many people stretch their arms out as far as possible and try to not make any physical contact.

Unfortunately, the practice of physical distancing is not only wise to do in public but, in many cases, it is necessary in private as well. Numerous healthcare workers have chosen to live in a hotel rather than possibly expose their children at home. Several people who live alone are unable to get a hug from their friends or extended family members. Some people who are immunocompromised are unable to share a bed with their spouses who are essential workers. This lack of familiar touch adds a layer of difficulty to these trying times for many groups of people.

There might be times during this isolation that we, even as Christians, can feel like we identify with the unclean lepers of the Bible. But, the good news is that we follow a God who touches the untouchable. He does not need to abide by distancing mandates, for He is the source of life, health, and comfort. We are reminded of this in the healing of the leper in Matthew 8:3, “Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man and said, “I will. Be healed!” And immediately the man was healed from his disease.” May we, in the midst of our isolation, feel the healing and comforting touch of our Savior!

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