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For many people, one of the first indicators of how disruptive COVID-19 was going to be was the shuttering of professional sports. The National Basketball Association suspended operations, quickly followed by hockey; baseball has postponed its opening day, and the National Football League’s season is up in the air. Even people who don’t follow sports realized it was a big deal when these multibillion-dollar businesses shut down.

Now these leagues are trying their best to figure out a way to play their sports again in a manner that is safe for the players. Obviously, professional sports is not an essential part of life (except for the people that earn a living in a sports-related job), but millions of people would be thrilled to have the games resume. And while some might argue that diverting precious resources like tests, PPE, etc. to something that is non-essential is foolish, a lot people are people are desperate for a reminder that life isn’t only about meeting the bare minimums for survival. It’s the luxuries that often motivate us to keep going.

God understand the need for us to experience pleasure in life; to not just have it be a daily grind. Not only did He create us with the desire to find joy life, He placed us in a world that is filled with things for us to enjoy – from breathtaking vistas, to tasty food, to enchanting music, to adventurous thrills. And we’re not just meant to find physical satisfaction in life, but spiritual joy as well. Jesus explained that He didn’t come just to make sure that everyone had just enough to get by. No, He said, “My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10). May we be thankful that even in a time of no sports and limited luxuries, God still offers us a rich and satisfying life!

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